Find an item mentioned in Jan’s column

Looking for a plant or product you read about in one of Jan’s recent garden columns?

Start by asking at your local nursery or garden center if they can get it for you.  For a free plant-finder service, see  Here’s additional help:

Shade-loving goldenrods and asters:
Prairie Moon Nursery (507/452-1362,
Prairie Nursery (800/476-9453,

Unusual Salad greens:
 Johnny’s Selected Seeds (877/564-6697,
Renee’s Garden (

 Hens and chicks (Sempervivum):
  Mountain Crest Gardens (877/656-4035,
Garden Crossings (616/875-6355,

Perennials with colorful autumn foliage:
Ozark bluestar (Amsonia illustris)
Prairie Moon Nursery (866/417-8156,
Bloody cranesbill (Geranium sanguineum)
American Meadows (877/309-7333,
Red barrenwort (Epimedium x rubrum)
Garden Vision Epimediums (978/249-3863,

Black Raspberries
Ohio’s Treasure:
Hartmann’s Plant Comp. (269/253-4281,
Indiana Berry Co. (800/295-2226,

Cheyenne Spirit coneflower seeds:
 Johnny’s Selected Seeds (877/564-6697,
Harris Seeds (800/544-7938,

 Joel, Joy, and/or Jan Sour Cherry Bushes:
Indiana Berry Co. (800/295-2226,
Edible Landscaping (434/361-9134,
One Green World (877/353-4028,

Carmine Jewel Sweet Cherry Bush:
Edible Landscaping (434/361-9134,
Gurneys (513/354-1492,